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Health Innovators

Episode · 1 year ago

Serial entrepreneur and mentor explains how collaboration could reshape healthcare w/ Lee Greene


When working in the world of digital health innovations has been your lifelong career, you tend to get some pretty good insights. 

Being exposed to both the entrepreneurial and startup side as well as the mentoring and coaching side? That sends those insights into the stratosphere. 

Lee Greene has spent his entire professional career on either side of the digital health innovation landscape and he’s dishing some great advice for us in this episode.

Come find out how emotion can act as a blinder to success, why it’s important to follow the flow of money, and how collaboration could be the key to reshaping healthcare on a global scale.

In this episode, Lee shares his knowledge on everything from success to the future of healthcare and beyond. 

If you’re thinking of starting a startup or entering the entrepreneurial field of digital health - or are already there feeling the pressure, you need to see this show! Strap in and enjoy the ride! 

Here are the show highlights:

  • This is why some health innovations succeed, and some fail (6:07)
  • Why it’s okay to be “all about the money” (7:46)
  • The difference between being the advisor - and running your own startup (12:33)
  • Understanding co-creation, taking advice and figuring out what to believe (15:18)
  • Coaching tip: know what moves to make (18:52)
  • The impact of collaboration and how it might change the future of healthcare (27:55)

Guest Bio

Lee Greene is the Co-Founder of Stuward, an award-winning digital health company offering a personalized eHealth platform with the ability to match family caregivers to expert coaches.

Lee is also the Managing Director for HealthInc, a 12-week full-time accelerator program that connects entrepreneurs and startups to a network of health and business professionals. 

Lee is a self-proclaimed “serial health entrepreneur” and has dedicated his professional career to coaching and mentoring entrepreneurial minds and startup ventures. 

If you’d like to reach out to Lee you can email him at, follow him on LinkedIn at Lee Green, or visit his website at

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