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Episode · 1 year ago

How to Pinpoint the Clinical Problem and Leverage the Unmet Need for Your New Tech w/ Kimon Angelides


A core foundation for market success is making sure that you’re laser-focused on the needs of your customers. Does your solution truly solve the clinical problem? Do you have validation to prove that it does, and it’s not just an assumption you’re making?

In this episode, Dr. Kimon Angelides, CEO and Founder of Vivante Health, shares insights into how he’s been able to continuously beat the odds and find huge success with several businesses he’s built. We talk about:

  • The critical need to solve a clinical problem that the “traditional” healthcare system recognizes and appreciates
  • How passion can look a lot being crazy — and how that craziness is a backbone of the most successful innovators
  • How to design a strategy that caters to your market, and how to pivot that strategy in the face of market changes like a big competitor
  • Mistakes he’s made, like treating all customer accounts as equal (spoiler alert: they’re not, and it almost sank them)


Guest Bio

Dr. Kimon Angelides is the CEO and Founder of Vivante Health, a pioneer in using digital medicine to manage digestive health. Prior to Vivante, he founded Livongo Health, a consumer digital health company with a focus on diabetes management.


But he wasn’t always in the business of improving population health through technology. He started his career as a biophysicist, spending more than two decades in academia. Later, he and his wife, a pediatric endocrinologist, launched Diabetes America, a network that eventually grew to nearly 50 centers in the southwest US.


To learn more, visit You can also connect with Dr. Angelides on LinkedIn or email him at

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