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Episode · 1 year ago

How to generate sales before you even have a product w/ Richard Lin


When you’re a new-to-the-scene founder and you’re out to prove yourself, you need to be scrappy and creative. 

Success in the digital healthcare space is always difficult - finding funding and generating sales in a market with heightened volatility is nearly impossible - especially for a newcomer.

Nearly. But not quite.

Enter Richard Lin and his experience with a healthcare problem and his “gut” feeling that planted the seed of an idea that grew into his company, Thryve.

No one wants to be the company that builds a beautiful piece of tech that nobody wants to buy - and Richard shows our listeners and viewers just how to avoid that trap.

So, get ready because, in our latest episode, Richard dives into topics from commercialization to funding to discovery and beyond, while putting a unique, humble, and creative spin on each! 

Here are the show highlights:

  • This is one way to enjoy a B2C commercialization win (3:38)
  • How commercialization in the B2C space difference from B2B (5:57)
  • First-time founders can try this to increase their chances with investors (7:06)
  • How VC funding has changed from then to now (9:44)
  • Try this 4-step sequence to improve your lead indicator metrics (21:12)
  • This is how you implement and improve on customer discovery (32:21)

Guest Bio

Richard Lin is CEO and Co-Founder of Thryveinside,  a venture focused on microbiome genomic testing and personalized probiotic therapeutics.

Leveraging his background and education, Richard labored to develop what he terms the “23andMe for the microbiome” - a direct-to-consumer DNA solution centered on gut health.

Richard earned his BA in Economics and Communication from the University of California, Davis. 

If you’d like more information about Thryve, or just wish to reach out to Richard, you can reach him directly at, follow him on LinkedIn at Richard Lin or, for more information about Thryve, you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter at @ThryveInside.

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