Health Innovators
Health Innovators

Episode · 2 years ago

How to Find Success With Radical Innovations, Establish a New Category & Cut Through the Noise w/Michael Dermer


The process of commercializing an innovation in a completely new category requires an approach that is entirely different to incremental innovations. When you’re trying to innovate in such a space, how do you get the messaging and positioning right? Why do you have to put a lot of time and effort into your sales strategy? What core capabilities does an innovator need to have in order to succeed?

On this episode, I’m joined by healthcare rewards pioneer, IncentOne and The Lonely Entrepreneur founder, Michael Dermer who talks about building the first healthcare rewards company, and his insights for innovators.


3 Things You'll Learn

  • How to move a market that’s slow to change
  • How to rise above the noise
  • Why focusing on product isn’t good enough


Influencing a slow and clunky industry like healthcare can be an immense challenge because you’re trying to turn a huge tide. A lot can be learned from the story of IncentOne, and how they were able to succeed at a time most healthcare organizations find the idea of rewarding people offensive. The secret is positioning and messaging, and more specifically coming up with a central theme that people can connect to, and playing in an area where only you can win, a space where no one else is. You have to marry the clarity of your vision with what it takes to actually get business.


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