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Health Innovators

Episode · 1 year ago

From the operating room to the boardroom: How to recognize opportunity and navigate innovation w/ David Pearlstone


Being able to identify a need or problem in the healthcare industry takes creativity and knowledge.  A career on the clinical side helps. And an advanced business degree will send you into a whole new world of insights.

But how do those insights help a health innovator navigate today’s disruptive COVID-economy and what might the future hold for an industry that’s stuck on pause?   

In this episode, we talk with David Pearlstone, CEO of DICOM Director, about his involvement on both sides of the healthcare innovation equation: from the operating room to the boardroom.  David speaks with candor and experience as he regales our listeners with insights, tips, and personal anecdotes.

Here are the show highlights:

  • How unsatisfied clinicians can regain control of the hospitals and healthcare industry (5:17) 
  • The case for using the profit motive to inspire better healthcare solutions (8:54) 
  • How telehealth will eliminate up to 40% of doctor visits in the post-pandemic world (10:19) 
  • The exact moment when you should leave the healthcare industry to help more people (20:03) 
  • Why this economy is nothing like the economies of 2008 or 1929 (27:30) 
  • The real (and slightly nefarious) reason doctors won’t refill prescriptions over the phone (32:59) 

I've spoken with dozens of health innovators, and nearly everyone is trying to figure out their best pivot strategy. But they don't know what to change, how to pivot, or if their new pivot strategy is the right move.

So I went into overdrive putting together a clear, actionable 5-step worksheet that will help you quickly define your most viable and profitable pivot path through the COVID crisis. And I’m giving it to you for FREE — no strings attached at

Guest Bio:

David Pearlston is a surgical oncologist and CEO of DICOM Director, offering advanced solutions in medical imaging using full-3D holographic CT scan imaging in augmented and virtual reality, secure cloud storage for imaging, and quick, simple image sharing.

As a lifelong learner, David stepped outside of his comfort zone as a physician, earned his business degree, and entered the world entrepreneurial startup ecosystem and he has not looked back.

His unique insights into the clinical and business sides of healthcare brought him to DICOM Director and fuels his charge toward the future of healthcare innovation.

If you’d like to reach out to David to learn more about DICOM, you can contact him at, on LinkedIn at DICOM Director, Facebook at DICOM Director, or on their website at

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