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Health Innovators

Episode 99 · 4 months ago

Your North Star: How to Pivot Without Getting Lost w/ Angela Fusaro


Being familiar with gaps in healthcare, especially around access to convenient and cost-effective care, can be motivating.

And it is precisely that familiarity with the lack of social equity in access to care that has motivated Dr. Angela Fusaro’s entry into the healthcare solution market.

It’s often difficult to see what’s right in front of you - but, sometimes, life hands you a pre-existing framework on which to build that’s so obvious, you have to act - and act fast.

Leveraging a career in emergency medicine and a passion for education, Dr. Fusaro identified a need and built an answer within the existing community pharmacy network.

From pivoting to iterating your sales strategy to seeking out a mentor who fits your current phase of commercialization, our viewers will find her insights both timely and actionable.

Come hear what Dr. Fusaro has to say about finding, and following, your North Star.

Here are the show highlights:

Virtual care and what’s happening in community pharmacies (1:44)

Iterating and adapting sales strategies (4:42)

Why it’s important to find - and follow - your North Star (10:04)

The importance of balancing passion for what you do with the flexibility (11:42)

Product roadmaps are important, even if they’re only inspirational (14:02)

There’s enormous value that can be found in customer feedback (19:33)

Guest Bio

Dr. Angela Fusaro is an emergency medicine physician and Co-Founder and CEO of Physician 360™, a company that is building a virtual urgent care system that helps decrease unnecessary in-person visits to the doctor.

A pioneer in healthcare innovation, Dr. Fusaro designed and implemented two entrepreneurship courses for medical students and led a national workshop that helped physicians develop insights necessary to improve the quality of patients' lives. 

Her extensive leadership experience in organized medicine helped drive business development for EMRA, the second-largest Emergency Medicine organization in the world. 

Dr. Fusaro received her Doctorate of Medicine from New York University, a BS in Neuroscience Behavioral Bio from Emory University, her MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and was a 2017 Poets & Quants recipient.

If you’d like to reach out to Dr. Fusaro, you can find her on LinkedIn at Angela Fusaro or reach out to her via the contact page on her website at

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